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Ernst Benjamin Salomo Raupach’s Vampire Story

Ernst Benjamin Salomo Raupach’s Vampire Story

“Wake Not the Dead”
Writers and authors all over the world have mistaken Johann Ludwig Tiek as the original author to “Wake Not the Dead.” They believe it was the first written English vampire story. Heidi Crawford wrote this article of Ernst Benjamin Salomo Raupach being the rightful author of this vampire story. She was demonstrating an awareness of the origins.  In Crawford’s article, she is intent on correcting those who think Tiek is the author of “Wake Not the Dead.” The true author of “Wake Not the Dead” is Ernst Benjamin Salomo Raupach.

Why I agree with the author's main points.
This story about vampires has infected the literature and cinema for several eras. Since this vampire story first entered into the scholarly circles in the early 1800s, it has undergone many changes in character. “Wake Not the Dead” was first published in 1823 and the original author was not acknowledged out of confusion. Much focus was put on Tiek because he was well known for his translated works. Raupach was an author without international recognition.

The primary focus for Crawford, however, is “Wake Not the Dead” vampire story and its original author. This story is translated in many works and she wants to ensure that the original author gets the credit for this amazing vampire novel. There are many versions of this vampire story. The first original version is by Ernst Benjamin Salomo Raupach.  

Describe why this article is important.

The article is important because it establishes a correction needed to those who incorrectly believe this novel “Wake Not the Dead” was written by Tiek. The reader will obtain correct information on knowing who the original author is and may want to research more books by the author Ernst Benjamin Salomo Raupach. There are also references at the end of this article. These references will tell you where Crawford got her information and it verifies the accuracy of what Crawford wrote in this article.
Crawford, H. (2012, December). Ernst Benjamin Salomo Raupach’s Vampire Story “Wake Not the Dead”. Journal of Popular Culture, 45(6), p1189-1205




















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